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Grandes entreprises et Efficacité énergétique

Energy Management System: little things can make big savings

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Have you already heard about energy management systems (EMS)? For some time, they have been generating a lot of excitement among Énergir business customers in the industrial and general sector – and for good reason! These systems facilitate implementing structural … Lire la suite

Priority given to energy efficiency at the Alcoa Aluminerie de Deschambault

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Recognized for its leadership in environmental management, Alcoa Aluminerie de Deschambault, in the Québec City area, has benefitted from a project aimed at improving the ventilation of its casting centre that led to a spectacular increase in the building’s energy … Lire la suite

A thoroughly modern plant, thanks to energy efficiency and solar energy

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In 2017, when management at the Parmalat plant in Victoriaville decided to replace its 40 year old steam boilers, its objectives were clear: increase steam production capacity, optimize energy performance, decrease operating costs and reduce its environmental footprint. To achieve this, … Lire la suite

Natural gas: An asset in remote areas

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Extending the gas network to all of Québec’s spheres of economic activity is no mean feat, particularly when it comes to industries and mines in remote areas. Nevertheless, those enterprises can benefit from the many advantages of natural gas thanks … Lire la suite

Greenhouses: Using the CO2 produced by natural gas appliances to save money

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For horticultural and vegetable producers in Quebec, greenhouse heating represents up to 30% of their operating costs. To remain competitive, they have to reduce these costs by implementing new solutions, such as more efficient equipment, thermal screens and methods for … Lire la suite