Marc Francoeur

Hybrid rooftop units: An effective and efficient decarbonization solution

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Climate change has led us to reflect collectively on actions to reduce our GHG emissions. In order to achieve this, Énergir believes in the complementary use of electricity and natural gas to better heat buildings. Combining them enables the right … Read More

Natural gas heat pumps: The next (r)evolution in natural gas technology

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For several decades, heat pumps have been closely associated with electrical energy. However, the evolution in natural gas technologies and the fight against climate change could help natural gas heat pumps play an increasingly important part in the efficient solutions … Read More

Change is in the air—with natural gas condensing make-up air units

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People are giving more and more attention to the fresh air needs of buildings—they’re concerned about health, and about the costs as well. Several factors are encouraging more efficient appliances, like natural gas condensing make-up air units, to emerge onto the … Read More

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