Martin Brière-Provencher

The Humaniti project in Montréal: Pooling energy to consume less and better

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Located at the corner of Bleury Street and Viger Avenue, in the heart of Montréal’s International District, the Humaniti project is a new-generation mixed use complex with residential units, a hotel, and retail and office space. Its multiple uses demanded an … Read More

How Dual Energy Can Make a Difference in Commercial, Institutional and Multi-unit Rental Buildings

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Since November 6, Énergir, in conjunction with Hydro-Québec and Écoperformance, has been offering its commercial and institutional dual-energy program to its commercial, institutional and multi-unit residential clients. This program, which is in addition to existing energy efficiency programs, will accelerate … Read More

Water treatment: a prerequisite for energy efficiency of heating equipment

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What’s the relation between my water treatment supplier and my natural gas bill? It’s simple: water is very often used as a heat transfer fluid in industrial, institutional and commercial buildings, but the minerals in it can cause fouling in … Read More

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