Omar El-Rouby

Chief Advisor

Rotary Kilns: Major Energy Efficiency Potential Helps Decarbonize Industrial Sites

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Rotary kilns are sizeable pieces of equipment used in several industries for high-temperature heat treatments such as drying, gasification, heating, pyrolysis and calcination of granular materials. Rotary kilns use plenty of energy so they are particularly well suited to energy … Read More

Improving air quality and energy efficiency: a winning combination in industry

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In industrial buildings, good indoor air quality (IAQ) is critical to the health and safety of workers. In these facilities, contaminant emission rates can be ten to one hundred times higher than in non-industrial facilities. In order to ensure adequate … Read More

Shawinigan Aluminium: Innovation for sustainable aluminum production

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Shawinigan Aluminium (SAI), operator of the cast house at the former Rio Tinto Alcan plant in Shawinigan, was faced with a dual challenge to remain profitable over the long term: reduce its raw material supply costs and improve the environmental … Read More

Industry 4.0 Applied to Energy Efficiency

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Have you heard about Plant 4.0 or Industry 4.0? It refers to the fourth industrial revolution associated with artificial intelligence. In a world where employee turnover is a growing challenge, it would be prudent for companies to plan for such … Read More

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