The recommissioning of building mechanical systems: A simple and cost-effective way of reducing operating costs and GHG emissions from commercial buildings

In property management, energy expenses are the line item with the greatest potential for reducing costs. Recommissioning a building’s mechanical system is a relatively simple way to lower the energy bill by 10-15% while increasing the comfort of occupants via...
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Industry 4.0 Applied to Energy Efficiency

Have you heard about Plant 4.0 or Industry 4.0? It refers to the fourth industrial revolution associated with artificial intelligence. In a world where employee turnover is a growing challenge, it would be prudent for companies to plan for such...
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Renewable natural gas – A valuable asset in the fight against GHGs

What is RNG? Renewable natural gas is a 100% renewable natural gas that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) in two ways: first by replacing a fossil energy by a renewable energy, then by avoiding the methane emissions from landfilled...
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