Seniors’ homes (MDA): Energy mix, the preferred solution to meet sustainable development requirements

Announced as “a major transformation in housing environments for seniors,” the seniors’ homes project, launched by the Québec government in 2019, has the goal of creating human dimension living environments for seniors with little to moderate autonomy. Divided into modern,...
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Energy Management System: little things can make big savings

Have you already heard about energy management systems (EMS)? For some time, they have been generating a lot of excitement among Énergir business customers in the industrial and general sector – and for good reason! These systems facilitate implementing structural...
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What you need to know about the new maintenance facilities Code for natural gas vehicle (NGV) and other alternative fueled vehicles

It seems more and more clear that alternative fuels, such as natural gas, electricity (batteries) and hydrogen will be unavoidable in the future of trucking. The industry therefore needs to prepare for taking care of these new vehicles – some...
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