Marie-Joëlle Lainé

Evaluation of techno-economic potential of producing renewable natural gas in Québec

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Climate change has already had an impact on our modern lives. Developing energies and technologies that will reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions will help limit the detrimental effects of climate change. In this respect, renewable natural gas (RNG) represents an advantageous … Read More

They chose an energy loop

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Energy loops create interesting opportunities for energy efficiency and make it possible to achieve high-level LEED certification. Companies and institutions that have chosen this solution, such as McGill University and Université Laval, have taken advantage of the various financial incentives … Read More

Cascades chooses solar energy for its sustainable development projects

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Everyone knows that the sun is a limitless source of free energy. Each spring, we witness the beneficial effects of the sun’s rays on nature after a long, hard winter. So why not harness part of this energy to meet … Read More

Combined heat and power, a natural gas technology with high potential

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Since the 19th century, combined heat and power (CHP) technology has been producing electricity and thermal energy used for heating and domestic hot water needs. Over the years, CHP and its various applications have gained ground and become more efficient. … Read More