Energy recovery at Sotrem

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Sotrem, an aluminium processing company, has reduced its annual operating costs by $34,000 through chimney heat recovery, a highly advantageous technological solution. Sotrem operates in the national primary, secondary and tertiary aluminium processing industry. It offers ferrous and non-ferrous metal … Read More

Natural gas-fired industrial boilers

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Operating results with natural gas compared to heavy fuel oil: 5% more efficient, 25% less CO2 emissions, 36% less nitrogen oxides, 75% less particles and elimination of sulphur dioxide. The performance of natural gas-fired industrial boilers is better in terms … Read More

EDQ detention centre opts for condensation

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Overhauling a boiler room requires a triggering factor. For the Établissement de détention de Québec (EDQ), this was the abolition of the BT rate. Teknika HBA was given the mandate to perform a technical evaluation of all the EDQ electromechanical … Read More

Richard J. Renaud Pavilion at Concordia University – a good example of energy efficiency

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Concordia University, formed from the union of two institutions – Sir George Williams University and Loyola College–has been in existence since 1974. It welcomes more than 30,000 students each year on its two campuses, George Williams and Loyola. In recent … Read More

Room for efficiency and savings at the Chicoutimi Heating Plant!

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Nine institutional and religious buildings located in the heart of Chicoutimi are steam heated by a common thermal power plant, known as the Centrale de chauffage de Chicoutimi. Since 2004, the power plant’s managers have been modernizing the installations with … Read More

How to make fire tube boilers even more efficient!

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The Québec market has a great many fire tube boilers, appreciated for their simple construction and affordable cost. A fire tube boiler can be recognized by its cylindrical shape. Inside this cylinder is the firebox, a large-diameter tube in which natural … Read More

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